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Perry Levenson,

MS, L.Ac., LMT
"Perry was exceptionally patient and sensitive to my concerns and he eased my fear of needles enough to even do well with the IVF procedures themselves.  Perry was able to address my health holistically and took time to discuss with me the kinds of treatments he could offer so that I could make informed decisions and be my own advocate during the fertility treatments and throughout what was ultimately a delicate pregnancy.  I believe that acupuncture and Perry's support was key to our eventual success with IVF and I am grateful to him every time I gaze at and laugh with my children."                 -Confidentiality Respected

My practice was created out of the need for families to have a place to go for complete, holistic, complementary health care. Whether you are trying to build your family using natural methods, using Assisted Reproductive Therapies, or are trying to figure out how to keep your family healthy, I strive to provide safe, effective choices that will enhance your family's health and well being.

I look forward to meeting you,